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The unified field theory

What if we look at the uni­verse dif­fe­rent­ly ?  This is what Nassim Haramein pro­poses to us with the uni­fied field theo­ry, far, very far from the iso­la­ted sys­tems of the stan­dard theo­ry. From the infi­ni­te­ly small with the Schwarzschild pro­ton to the infi­ni­te­ly large – the uni­verse itself – the phy­si­cist shows that all we can observe are black holes dis­tri­bu­ted at all scales accor­ding to a frac­tal law. More pre­ci­se­ly, we see the part of the black hole that radiates ; but there is a part that contracts, down to the sin­gu­la­ri­ty, allo­wing quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion of infor­ma­tion in the universe.

Not only does Nassim Haramein manage to recon­cile quan­tum phy­sics and rela­ti­vis­tic phy­sics by quan­ti­zing gra­vi­ty, but his theo­ry does not stop at phy­sics ! It also explains bio­lo­gy and… consciousness.

Now I invite you to dis­co­ver the uni­fied field by consul­ting the articles :

The frac­tal and holo­gra­phic uni­verse
Quantum gra­vi­ty and Schwarzschild pro­ton
What is space-time ?
Quantum bio­lo­gy
Quantum conscious­ness

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