From duality to unity

The scientific method, with its quest for objectivity and the separation it implies between subject and object, leaves no room for unity. Probably because it leaves no room for consciousness, which is the prerequisite for objectification.

However, certain physics concepts – such as holography or the ether – tend to show that unity is indeed present in the universe.

Between philosophy of science and physics, this theme invites you to discover these 3 articles:

Objectivity, the blind spot of science: What if objectivity in science took into account subjectivity, inner experience and the interdependence of phenomena?

The holographic universe: the underlying unity : What is a hologram? What is a holographic universe? Answers from David Bohm and Nassim Haramein.

Unity, from ether to space: From ancient traditions to quantum physics, from Albert Einstein to Nassim Haramein, how the concept of ether has evolved.