First appearing in 1928, the term “synchronicity” was coined by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. After many revisions of the concept, he defined synchronicity as a “temporal coincidence of two or more events without any causal link between them and possessing an identical or analogous meaning”.

Rare and unique events, synchronicities never cease to intrigue and raise many questions:

1- Synchronicities, from philosophy to physics: Jung used the I Ching and Yin Yang to develop this notion… which leads us to the physics of Nassim Haramein.

2- Synchronicities, a resonance with the unconscious: do synchronicities really escape the principle of causality? How can we explain the fact that they are vectors of expression for the unconscious?

3- Synchronicities: examples of communication at the quantum level – Through examples drawn from my own experience, an exploration of the communication and resonance at work when synchronicities occur…

4- Synchronicities & quantum entanglement: I focus on the entanglement and feedback present at all scales of the universe, conditions sine qua none for the manifestation of quantum communication and resonance…