My story

This story begins one evening in December 2013, when an aneurysm of which I was unaware ruptured in my meninges. A few minutes later, I momentarily slip into an altered state of consciousness, where stillness, unity and presence reign.

By an unlikely combination of circumstances, urgency and grace, everything quickly fell into place for a timely intervention by the emergency services, so that I was left with no after-effects from this stroke.

On these pages, I share the story of my experience, which I have chosen to divide into three acts. This structure makes it easier to read, as it doesn’t mix up all the different levels of information. The factual elements are given in Act 1. You can then plunge into Act 2 and Act 3, and discover the richest, subtlest and, I hope, most useful aspects of my experience.

This literary construction also serves the information theory put forward on this blog (unified field theory), as it creates a link between the three acts as a fractal process would. Each additional level of information encompasses the previous one, while at the same time bringing new information to it, thus shedding new light on events.

Ultimately, this construction is a lesson in itself: there are several levels of reading for the same piece of information.

“The path is not a straight line; it’s a spiral. We keep coming back to things we thought we understood, only to see deeper truths.”