From finite to infinity

These two notions seem to take us down diametrically opposed paths. Yet finite and infinite meet, intermingle and complement each other. Geometry, through fractals, is certainly the most flagrant demonstration of this.

From finite to infinity, from infinity to finite, I present 4 articles exploring the dynamics of the universe, where determinism and indeterminism are reconciled:

Movement & perception recounts my paragliding experience, providing the pretext for a brief investigation into the reality and perception of apparent movement, followed by a possible physical interpretation.

From renormalization to fractals, where we discover that quantum theory eliminates the infinity predicted by the equations through renormalization… but physicist Nassim Haramein reintroduces it thanks to fractals.

Is the universe deterministic? 1/2 relates the views of philosopher of science M.Bitbol and N.Haramein on determinism, based respectively on cognition and fractals.

Is the universe deterministic? 2/2, where the circumstances of the stroke that shook me illustrate the communication at work at the quantum level.