What we consider spiritual or metaphysical is generally physics that we do not yet understand.

Nassim Haramein | Physicist


Is the universe deterministic ? 2/2

Until December 19, 2013 at 11:30 pm, the formation, development and rupture of the aneurysm located in my meninges completely escaped my consciousness. However, this information was encoded in the field...

Brain, science and consciousness

While medicine can establish correlations between states of consciousness and brain rhythms, it cannot explain what consciousness is, or how it relates to lived experience…

The gender principle

If Feminine and Masculine can already be expressed through the principle of polarity, what is the raison d'être of the principle of gender? The only answer I've found relates to... guess what: geometry!

Objectivity, the blind spot of science

A science approached in relation to consciousness cannot seek to be objective. In fact, the notion of objectivity disappears of its own accord when we speak of consciousness...

How to get out of the mental 2

It all began with a dream. A dream in which I freed myself from a mental programming, perhaps the most insidious: the one that doesn't allow us to realize that we can go beyond the mental...