You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that will make the old one obsolete.

Richard Buckminster Fuller | Architect, designer, inventor & writer


Gravity, entropy & self-organization

Here I explore the possibility of reconciling the increase in entropy predicted by the second law of thermodynamics with the increase in self-organization in the universe...

The law of attraction: physical gravity, mental gravity

It's as appropriate to ask whether we believe in the Law of Attraction as it is to ask whether we believe in the Law of Gravity. Both laws work whether we believe in them or not...

The principle of correspondence

The principle of correspondence is expressed in unity (the holographic principle), similarity (fractals) and harmony (resonance). It underpins the appearance in dependency of information on different planes...

Act 3 : A stroke under the sign of grace

It was as if this "update" of consciousness reorganized everything. A new dynamic was created, forces were activated on the outside, which could then serve me by exerting a beneficial influence on the situation...

Feminine, masculine, connected universe

An article that offers a free adaptation of Nassim Haramein's theory of the connected universe, from the angle of the feminine and the masculine…