Every thing we do influences every other thing in the universe [and everything in the universe influences us].

Nassim Haramein | Physicist


Paris, November 13

I was tucked up at home in the Paris suburbs, watching a lecture by Nassion Haramein on the Internet, when the attacks of Friday November 13 took place that year in Paris, sacred ground...

Is the universe deterministic ? 2/2

Until December 19, 2013 at 11:30 pm, the formation, development and rupture of the aneurysm located in my meninges completely escaped my consciousness. However, this information was encoded in the field...

Gravity, entropy & self-organization

Here I explore the possibility of reconciling the increase in entropy predicted by the second law of thermodynamics with the increase in self-organization in the universe...

The principle of rhythm

What links the principle of rhythm, art and physics? Nothing less than the geometry of the heart and its interaction with the universe. I invite you to join me in this fascinating exploration...

From chaos to interdependence

Over the long term, chaotic systems end up oscillating around what appears to be a finite number of values. These values are said to accumulate on an attractor...