You're not a drop in the ocean, you're the ocean in a drop.

Rumi | Poet & mystic


Energy is commnunication

The universe is an energy-consciousness, and more precisely a fractal and holographic phenomenon that evolves thanks to the synergic interaction of energy and consciousness. Energy follows consciousness and makes it evolve because...

The principle of correspondence

The principle of correspondence is expressed in unity (the holographic principle), similarity (fractals) and harmony (resonance). It underpins the appearance in dependency of information on different planes...

From renormalization to fractals

Quantum theory eliminates the infinity predicted by the equations by renormalization. Nassim Haramein reintroduces it thanks to fractals...

The principle of vibration

Vibration holds a special place in Hermetic teaching: it is considered as the fourth dimension of the universe. In this article, I propose to explore physics from the point of view of the principle of vibration...

Brain, science and consciousness

While medicine can establish correlations between states of consciousness and brain rhythms, it cannot explain what consciousness is, or how it relates to lived experience…