Is the universe deterministic ? 2/2


In the first part of this article (see Is the uni­verse deter­mi­nis­tic ? 1/2), we saw that the uni­verse is always deter­mi­ning itself. My pur­pose here is to illus­trate the quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion under­lying this concept through my per­so­nal experience.

Until December 19, 2013 at 11:30 p.m., the for­ma­tion, deve­lop­ment and rup­ture of the aneu­rysm loca­ted in my brain (read My Story) com­ple­te­ly esca­ped my conscious­ness. But if this infor­ma­tion remai­ned uncons­cious from my point of view, the fact remains that from the point of view of the uni­verse it was :

  • enco­ded in the space-memory field (see the article What is space-time ?)
  • avai­lable from their point of ori­gin, and throu­ghout their evolution.


Quantum communication

Information, from the unconscious to the conscious

unconscious-encoding-informationAs soon as the infor­ma­tion « aneu­rysm in for­ma­tion » began to be enco­ded, two sce­na­rios became pos­sible : whe­ther it rup­tures or not. In the inter­val bet­ween the gene­sis and the rup­ture of the aneu­rysm, as eve­ry­thing that was enco­ded about the state of my meninges remai­ned inac­ces­sible to my conscious­ness, the aneu­rysm was in a state of quan­tum super­po­si­tion. It was both bro­ken and intact. In other words, its condi­tion was unde­ter­mi­ned. And the cir­cum­stances in which it final­ly rup­tu­red remai­ned unde­ter­mi­ned until my cog­ni­tion met the appro­priate situa­tion for the condi­tions of the rup­ture. Namely : a context, a place, a timing…

When the sen­ti­nel hea­daches appea­red on December 17, the boun­da­ry bet­ween the infor­ma­tion about the aneu­rysm rup­ture I was uncons­cious­ly car­rying and my own field of conscious­ness began to be much more per­meable, it is worth saying … Just as this infor­ma­tion began to make its way into the conscious­ness of my loved ones. A quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion was at work.

To some extent, this war­ning sign, among others, hel­ped to deter­mine the cir­cum­stances of the acci­dent. Indeed, it is very like­ly that Lena and James « cap­tu­red » this infor­ma­tion – because of our proxi­mi­ty, our strong « entan­gle­ment » – bet­ween the moment the har­bin­ger appea­red and the moment of the actual break-up. This would explain why my daugh­ter excep­tio­nal­ly did not take a nap that after­noon, and why my com­pa­nion excep­tio­nal­ly deci­ded, at the last minute and for no appa­rent rea­son, to come by public trans­port rather than by scooter.


Information goes through the heart

heartbeatIn fact, it all hap­pe­ned as if they had pre­dic­ted an event of emo­tio­nal signi­fi­cance and mea­ning to them. This is not remem­be­red from the stu­dies conduc­ted by Rollin Mc Craty at the Heartmath Institute (see article on Quantum Biology). Their heart, and then their brain, acces­sed the risk to my health through the quan­tum field of infor­ma­tion, and their bodies respon­ded by beha­ving in an unu­sual way. I would add that this uncons­cious quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion sug­gests that these events are of the order of syn­chro­ni­ci­ty, I’ll come back to that.

By the time the aneu­rysm col­lap­sed, its condi­tion was deter­mi­ned. But as eve­ry­thing is constant­ly in motion in the infor­ma­tion feed­back loop, a new equa­tion, with two unk­nowns, sur­fa­ced : was I going to stay alive – and if so in what state – or leave ? An equa­tion with a result that was still unde­ter­mi­ned as long as it was pos­sible to reverse the trend towards the best pos­sible scenario.


Information passes through the quantum vacuum

The rea­son I can argue that this trend was rever­sible is because of the infor­ma­tion I had access to through Madeleine. The infor­ma­tion of the aneu­rysm rup­ture remai­ned at an uncons­cious level for me until a doc­tor gave it to me. But this same infor­ma­tion came into Madeleine’s conscious­ness long before, when I cal­led her. For her, the inde­ter­mi­na­tion as to the state of the aneu­rysm was lif­ted at that point… the blee­ding spon­ta­neous­ly stop­ped, but a new inde­ter­mi­na­tion took place imme­dia­te­ly as my bene­fac­tor per­cei­ved the risk of recurrence.

Having this infor­ma­tion and the abi­li­ty to conscious­ly encode it at the quan­tum level, she was able to make it avai­lable to people who could help me. Everything hap­pe­ned as if she had said to her­self, « I feel like the­re’s a blee­ding, an emer­gen­cy. I am sen­ding this infor­ma­tion into the quan­tum vacuum, if it is just the feed­back that will reach Gaetana and myself through someone or some­thing in the phy­si­cal uni­verse will be the confir­ma­tion of that ». In other words, quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion has gone 5/5 ! Confirmation came from James, who had a hunch of a stroke and insis­ted on cal­ling the fire depart­ment. It found confir­ma­tion with the fire­figh­ters them­selves who did not hesi­tate to trans­port me to the emer­gen­cy room des­pite a rela­ti­ve­ly small num­ber of appa­rent symptoms.


Quantum communication : encoding and decoding

With the conscious

If the enco­ding of infor­ma­tion occurs whe­ther we are aware of it or not, the same applies to the deco­ding of infor­ma­tion, the other side of the feed­back loop. This deco­ding, if it is conscious and control­led, will consi­de­ra­bly reduce the time it takes to obtain the infor­ma­tion. On the other hand, if it is uncons­cious, the deco­ded infor­ma­tion that will mani­fest itself in the concrete world may never reach our consciousness.

the-brain-of-the-heartThe enco­ding of infor­ma­tion creates deter­mi­nis­tic condi­tions, but these remain unde­ter­mi­ned as long as the infor­ma­tion is not rela­ted to a concrete world situa­tion. Our influence on future situa­tions is all the grea­ter as we are able – in conscience – to decode the infor­ma­tion at our dis­po­sal and encode others.

That’s the art of a per­son like Madeleine. Her work consists of let­ting an ele­ment of the uncons­cious emerge, deco­ding it, and then inte­gra­ting it into the conscious­ness. It’s quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion ! Madeleine decodes infor­ma­tion enco­ded in the uncons­cious mind so that the per­son car­rying the infor­ma­tion becomes aware of it, if it can be use­ful to her. Then even­tual­ly it encodes other infor­ma­tion, gui­ded by res­pect, wis­dom and discernment.


With the informed vacuum

But how does she do it ? Water spe­cia­list Marc Henry [1] enligh­tens us : 

quantum-effect« It must be unders­tood that (…) the so-called ener­ge­tic medi­cines (…) work with infor­med emp­ti­ness (…). Those who claim that these medi­cines have no scien­ti­fic basis sim­ply do not make the effort to take into account the exis­tence of quan­tum and topo­lo­gi­cal effects in their thin­king [2]. » [3]

When I cal­led Madeleine on the eve­ning of December 19, for example, she connec­ted, via the quan­tum weft of space-time, direct­ly to the space-time coor­di­nates I was at. This gave her access to infor­ma­tion about the aneu­rysm and she knew imme­dia­te­ly what was hap­pe­ning. Arriving at the emer­gen­cy room, the infor­ma­tion given direct­ly by my body confir­med his diag­no­sis. They also gave her other indi­ca­tions, such as the fact that the blee­ding, which had been stop­ped ini­tial­ly, was recurring.

She then chan­ged the infor­ma­tion at the quan­tum level so that ano­ther situa­tion would occur in the real world, name­ly the second hemor­rhage would stop and the medi­cal situa­tion would be sta­bi­li­zed. Although this may seem irra­tio­nal or even magi­cal, it is only an appli­ca­tion of uni­fied field theo­ry. In other words, it is pure­ly and sim­ply a mat­ter of phy­sics.


With the unconscious

I should point out that Madeleine acted only with my consent. She didn’t ask me the ques­tion direct­ly, it wouldn’t have made much sense because at the time I wasn’t at all aware of what was at stake for me. Once again, she cons­cious­ly used quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion.  She has, in her own words, « tal­ked with [my] soul ». The somew­hat sud­den use of the word « soul » may in turn seem eso­te­ric and even mis­pla­ced. However, once again, this concept finds a very simple expla­na­tion if we link it to the theo­ry of the connec­ted uni­verse : our soul repre­sents our indi­vi­dual memo­ry, which feeds the field of uni­ver­sal memo­ry. It contains all the infor­ma­tion that was once enco­ded in our expe­rience. So she has a lot more infor­ma­tion than our ego. And as such, she some­times has a dif­ferent agenda…!

I can’t say if that’s why the « conver­sa­tion » bet­ween Madeleine and my soul las­ted the equi­va­lent of my wai­ting time in the emer­gen­cy room, i.e. 2h30. All I can say is that the « emer­gen­cy » infor­ma­tion was made avai­lable to both doc­tors and fire­figh­ters but, unlike fire­figh­ters, doc­tors did not use it qui­ck­ly. That’s why I tend to think that my soul nee­ded that time to decide what to do.


The proper use of disclosure

The art of discernment

If Madeleine has access to more infor­ma­tion than I do, one might legi­ti­ma­te­ly won­der why she didn’t warn me of the exis­tence or even pos­sible rup­ture of the aneu­rysm before that famous night. The most imme­diate ans­wer I can give is that she does not have access to all the infor­ma­tion [4].

And among those at her dis­po­sal, she must dis­cern what is use­ful to guide the per­son and what is like­ly to short-circuit her expe­rience. In other words, she’s a tigh­trope wal­ker. In order not to fall off, it has to trans­mit cer­tain infor­ma­tion – which is not always the infor­ma­tion that keeps us in our com­fort zone, far from it – without fal­ling into inter­fe­rence.

wisdom-and-discernmentWhen I met her, she was lite­ral­ly prac­ti­cing this art of wis­dom and dis­cern­ment. She was giving her care sit­ting on an uns­table stool, some­thing that intri­gued me a lot. Such a contrast bet­ween the sta­bi­li­ty she embo­died and her stool left me per­plexed. One day I told her of my asto­nish­ment and of the fact that she was taking the risk of fin­ding her­self sit­ting on the floor at any moment. To which she replied that she liked to work with this stool because its fra­gi­li­ty remin­ded her of the pos­ture of balance that she had to constant­ly keep in mind. That day, I was given an extra lesson !

Having access to infor­ma­tion is one thing, having the wis­dom to dis­close it or not, and how to do so, are others. Madeleine did end up chan­ging stools without chan­ging her line of conduct. Rather, it was as if, over time, she had com­ple­te­ly incor­po­ra­ted this out­side help.


Ignorance has its good sides

Getting back to the infor­ma­tion of a poten­tial stroke risk, even if she had given it to me, what would I have done with it ? Would I have gone to the E.R. for the sligh­test bit of a hea­dache ? Perhaps a more rele­vant ques­tion would be : Would the condi­tions of my expe­rience have been the same if I had been aware of this infor­ma­tion ? Would I have had an expe­rience of expan­ding consciousness ?

I’m rather incli­ned to doubt it. For if I had had the infor­ma­tion, my mind would have imme­dia­te­ly appro­pria­ted it. But my expe­rience was based on the one hand on the fact that he sur­ren­de­red to his own inabi­li­ty to unders­tand what was hap­pe­ning. And on the other hand, on the choice I had to make – to conti­nue my expe­rience on this Earth or not – a choice that only my access to the pre­sence real­ly made pos­sible. Without the ele­ment of sur­prise that comes from the lack of infor­ma­tion, none of this would have happened.

In the end, eve­ry­thing went the best way pos­sible for me based on the infor­ma­tion avai­lable at the time. Thus, not having this infor­ma­tion allo­wed me to expe­rience an alte­red state of conscious­ness. While bene­fi­ting from Madeleine’s pre­sence. I would add that I was real­ly on the razor’s edge that night : if I had cho­sen to « leave » at some point, she would also have been there by my side, she sim­ply would have accom­pa­nied me differently.


Synchronicity, the connection point

point-of-synchronicityMadeleine navi­gates in a rea­li­ty much richer in infor­ma­tion than mine. In fact, I should say she has access to more infor­ma­tion than I do. And if I were to name the link bet­ween our two planes of expe­rience, the term syn­chro­ni­ci­ty would seem appro­priate. Because when syn­chro­ni­ci­ty mani­fests itself, eve­ry­thing hap­pens as if we were recei­ving « infu­sions » from the uni­ver­sal connec­tion plane where infi­ni­te­ly more infor­ma­tion is enco­ded than what we usual­ly have. It’s as if some part of the uni­ver­sal quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion is rea­ching our conscious­ness. These glimpses would then « awa­ken our conscious­ness » to the pos­si­bi­li­ty that a much lar­ger rea­li­ty than the one we expe­rience on a dai­ly basis exists.

If the sub­ject of syn­chro­ni­ci­ty inter­ests you, I invite you to conti­nue your rea­ding with the articles in the series Chance or syn­chro­ni­ci­ty ? (on line soon)




Notes and references

[1] Marc Henry is an engi­neer, asso­ciate resear­cher at the CNRS, direc­tor of the solid-state mole­cu­lar che­mis­try labo­ra­to­ry and pro­fes­sor of inor­ga­nic che­mis­try at the University of Strasbourg (France).

[2] « The topo­lo­gi­cal approach rea­sons in terms of neigh­bo­rhood (…) You just have to for­get the shape and size and, if the thing remains iden­ti­cal to itself, [you are] in the pre­sence of a topo­lo­gi­cal effect (…) [An] example of topo­lo­gi­cal struc­ture : vor­texes. Whether it is a tor­na­do, water, syphon or galaxy, the phe­no­me­non is inde­pendent of the dimen­sions of the mate­rial struc­ture » accor­ding to Marc Henry, (November 10, 2014), quo­ted by Myriam Gablier, L’eau, pas­seuse de conscience, In : INREES — Inexploré, p.58

[3] Ibid., p.59
[4] See, in addi­tion, the article How do we learn ?



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