Nassim Haramein : conferences and interviews

  • The unified field theory

If you’ve never heard of the uni­fied field theo­ry (connec­ted uni­verse), this video is a good intro­duc­tion. Nassim Haramein explains the basis of his theo­ry and the thought pro­cess he fol­lo­wed to deve­lop it. Geometry, black holes and quan­tum gra­vi­ty on the program !

  • Nassim Haramein at Rogue Valley

You can also dis­co­ver one of the first confe­rence given by this phy­si­cist. Well, you just have to have 4 hours in front of you !

The fol­lo­wing videos are in French, with a pos­si­bi­li­ty of subtitles.

  • In the privacy of an inspired scientist

In this inter­view, Nassim Haramein reveals him­self in a more per­so­nal way, and with a lot of sin­ce­ri­ty. His dis­course is in reso­nance and consistent with the theo­ry he proposes.

  • The intelligence of the universe

Nassim Haramein recounts his jour­ney that led him to become inter­es­ted in the nature of rea­li­ty and the dyna­mics of the universe.

He explains that mat­ter consists almost enti­re­ly of vacuum, but that this vacuum struc­ture is actual­ly full of ener­gy and connects all the par­ticles in the uni­verse together.

He shows that this vacuum struc­ture was konwn to many ancient civi­li­za­tions, and that it could allow the deve­lop­ment of many tech­no­lo­gies of evo­lu­tion and ascen­sion in the future.

  • Space-time, space-memory and bitcoins

Nassim Haramein explains how he came to rethink the rela­tion­ship bet­ween mass and space-time.

He talks about the impor­tance of memo­ry : « Time is actual­ly recor­ded infor­ma­tion on the struc­ture of space ». The uni­fied phy­sics of this phy­si­cist gives mea­ning to phe­no­me­na such as the Law of Attraction and the pla­ce­bo effect. However, for him : « These are not just theo­ries or phi­lo­so­phy, I have sol­ved the equa­tions and their pre­dic­tive capa­bi­li­ties are very accurate ».

And also :

  • A pod­cast that includes seve­ral excerpts from his confe­rences. Put toge­ther, they offer an easier unders­tan­ding of his theo­ry, illus­tra­ted by ana­lo­gies and anec­dotes.

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