My story

This sto­ry begins one night in December 2013 when an aneu­rysm I don’t know about rup­tures in my meninges. A few minutes later, I momen­ta­ri­ly fall into an alte­red state of conscious­ness, where I expe­rien­ced stil­l­ness, uni­ty and presence.

By an impro­bable confluence of events com­bi­ning urgen­cy and grace, eve­ry­thing was qui­ck­ly put in place for a time­ly emer­gen­cy res­ponse. So, I didn’t have any after-effects from this stroke.

On these pages I share the account of my expe­rience, which I have cho­sen to construct in three acts. This struc­ture faci­li­tates rea­ding by not mixing all levels of infor­ma­tion. The fac­tual ele­ments are given in Act 1. Then you can read Act 2 and Act 3, and dis­co­ver the richest, most subtle and, I hope, most use­ful things my expe­rience has to offer.

This lite­ra­ry construc­tion also serves the infor­ma­tion theo­ry put for­ward on this blog (uni­fied field theo­ry) because it creates a link bet­ween the three acts as a frac­tal pro­cess would. Each addi­tio­nal level of infor­ma­tion includes the pre­vious one, while at the same time adding new infor­ma­tion, pro­vi­ding new insights into events.

Finally, this struc­ture teach us that the same infor­ma­tion offers mea­ning on dif­ferent levels.


« The path is not a straight line ; it’s a spi­ral. We keep coming back to things we thought we unders­tood, to see dee­per truths. » (Barry H. Gillespie)


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