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Consciousness & mental

What is conscious­ness ? Can we give a defi­ni­tion ? Or can we just expe­rience it ?

First, I approach these ques­tions from a phi­lo­so­phi­cal point of view. Thus, I invite you to dive into the dyna­mics of thoughts and emo­tions and I try to unders­tand the rela­tion­ship bet­ween men­tal and consciousness.

Then I look at things from a medi­cal point of view, with this essen­tial and cru­cial ques­tion : does the brain pro­duce consciousness ?

Are you rea­dy to fol­low me on this exci­ting inves­ti­ga­tion ? So, I recom­mend you read the articles in this order :

  1. Thoughts + emo­tions = mental
  2. Brain, science and consciousness
  3. The conscious experience
  4. The « strange loop » of consciousness
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