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About quantum theory

The quan­tum world seems very dif­ferent from the one we expe­rience at our scale. Indeed, it would seem that sub­ato­mic par­ticles do not inter­act the way we do.  Yet we are phy­si­cal­ly made of these par­ticles. So how do we explain such a para­dox ? Perhaps we should sim­ply change pers­pec­tive in our inter­pre­ta­tion of quan­tum theo­ry ?

I sug­gest you explore this path through three articles which high­light not the intrin­sic pro­per­ties of par­ticles, but the inter­de­pen­dence that unites them.

Thus, the article Quantum phy­sics and rea­li­ty will give you a new pers­pec­tive on the Schrödinger’s cat expe­rience. The article Duality or Complementarity ? will take you into the world of waves/particles. And the article Indeterminism and entan­gle­ment will dive you into the heart of quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion at work at all scales of the universe !

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