Who am I ?


I am an explo­rer of conscious­ness and the way our uni­verse works. Nevertheless my life is ordi­na­ry : I am a spouse, I have a lit­tle girl, a job, a blog … As the title of one of Pema Chödrön’s books puts it so well, « the path begins where you are » [1]. The path is avai­lable in our dai­ly lives, no mat­ter where we are.  In fact, it’s the only place and time it is available.

To get to know me bet­ter, I invite you to explore this blog. There are two paths open to you :

  • Reading what makes me spe­cial. You can browse the Personal expe­rience cate­go­ry to find out what led me to open this blog. You will also find slices of life that I wish to share because I find them beau­ti­ful, impro­bable, ins­pi­ring or even rich in meaning…

  • Or you can explore what we have in com­mon. But you might get in touch with your­self in a new way ! Because you are – we are – spe­ci­fic beings only half the time. Who are we the other half, you might ask ? We are the poo­ling of our indi­vi­dual spe­ci­fi­ci­ties and inter­pre­ta­tions. This is cal­led quan­tum vacuum.

Do you feel like you’ve left the ordi­na­ry world ?! Rather, you are per­haps in pre­sence of an unu­sual piece of infor­ma­tion ! You can learn more about the rela­tion­ship bet­ween the « ordi­na­ry world » and the quan­tum vacuum by visi­ting the Connected Universe cate­go­ry.


For a new consensus

Diving into this rea­ding could be an inter­es­ting expe­rience because you might rea­lize that :

  • Each indi­vi­dual inter­pre­ta­tion is taken into account : each of us par­ti­ci­pates in the advan­ce­ment of conscious­ness and com­plexi­ty of the universe.
  • We are 100% res­pon­sible for the infor­ma­tion we send out at any moment into the quan­tum vacuum.
  • If the expe­rience we live does not always cor­res­pond to the one we want, it is because it is entan­gled with the inter­pre­ta­tion that others have of their own experience.

The rea­li­ty of our world is only a consen­sus. It changes as our inter­pre­ta­tion changes. And this is direct­ly rela­ted to our state of conscious­ness and our know­ledge of how the uni­verse works. This means that we can conscious­ly par­ti­ci­pate in the crea­tion of a new consen­sus… 🙂




Notes and references


[1] CHÖDRÖN Pema, La voie com­mence là où vous êtes, Paris : Ed. Pocket, 2004, free translation



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