Chance or resonance ? 3/4


« Reality appears to us as blocks. But quan­tum rea­li­ty tells us
that these blocks com­mu­ni­cate with each other through vacuum. »


If you mis­sed the begin­ning : in pre­vious articles, I have explai­ned the his­to­ry of syn­chro­ni­ci­ties and their cha­rac­te­ris­tics, and in par­ti­cu­lar their link with the uncons­cious. Here I would like to talk about quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion at work backs­tage when syn­chro­ni­ci­ty is mani­fes­ted, through a few examples from my per­so­nal experience.


When life insists…

Sometimes in life, we can miss out on great oppor­tu­ni­ties. Simply by not reco­gni­zing the sign indi­ca­ting a new pos­si­bi­li­ty. Or sim­ply by deci­ding to ignore it. Sometimes, for­tu­na­te­ly, even if we miss the sign, the time­ly infor­ma­tion reap­pears in ano­ther form, on ano­ther sign. That’s what it took before I deci­ded to push the door of Madeleine’s office (read My sto­ry to find out who Madeleine is).

The first time I heard about her, in 2001, I was atten­ding one of my first per­so­nal deve­lop­ment courses. At that time, I didn’t rea­lise what a per­son like her could do for me. At least that’s what I told myself. The real rea­son is that when I went to see her, I was very afraid of what I might find out about myself. So I deli­be­ra­te­ly put the infor­ma­tion aside and said to myself that I will stu­dy this pro­po­sal – maybe – later.

It tur­ned out that « later » arri­ved much ear­lier than expec­ted ! Three days after I made my big deci­sion to stand still, my path cros­sed her again. This time, through my mother, who had just got­ten her contact infor­ma­tion back. I found the arri­val about « Madeleine » infor­ma­tion in our lives rather sur­pri­sing, occur­ring three days apart by two people who did not know each other. But I wasn’t at the end of my surprises !

As I lis­te­ned to my mother inform me of her inten­tion to make an appoint­ment with Madeleine, I sud­den­ly became aware of the reso­nance this whole sto­ry was cau­sing in me. The deci­sion I had made three days ear­lier was begin­ning to crumble. And far too qui­ck­ly for my com­fort zone.


Cellular memory

Life urged me to move whe­ther I went to see her or not because my mother had deci­ded to go any­way. And I didn’t see how that couldn’t have any effect on me. So, all things consi­de­red, even though Madeleine had indeed come into my life, I began to consi­der the pos­si­bi­li­ty of making an appoint­ment as well. However, before resol­ving to do so, I left it to my mother to go and see her first. Then to give me a debrie­fing, to the extent that she would like to share with me.       

cellule-trou-noirBasically, she explai­ned to me that Madeleine deco­ded the memo­ry present in our cells. Announced in this way, it may seem at best unthin­kable, at worst impos­sible, when it is not both at the same time. However, from the point of view of Nassim Haramein’s uni­fied field theo­ry this is quite accep­table. And what does this theo­ry tell us ?

It tells us that infor­ma­tion is enco­ded on eve­ry sur­face crea­ted by the uni­verse. If our cells are one of these sur­faces, why wouldn’t the infor­ma­tion be sto­red there ? And why shouldn’t a per­son be able to decode it, that is to say : to extract it from the field of the uncons­cious to the conscious level ? Even though at the time I was not fami­liar with this theo­ry, and even though it see­med unthin­kable or even impos­sible, I felt behind my mother’s words and enthu­siasm, a sense of mea­ning and well-being. And beyond any theo­ry, that was more than enough to convince me.


Synchronicity : towards another reality

On my way to my first appoint­ment with Madeleine, I dis­co­ve­red some­thing quite unex­pec­ted. I felt like I was in a house made of straw or wood. Madeleine was the bene­volent she-wolf who came to blow gent­ly on the house to make it col­lapse just long enough to make me aware of one thing : my life up to now had only been based on men­tal constructs, with which I iden­ti­fied, and without which I felt as if I didn’t exist.

But back to the coin­ci­dence of the road signs. If the conco­mi­tant infor­ma­tion about Madeleine did not arrive at the same time, it arri­ved close enough – and obvious­ly mea­ning­ful – to fall into the cate­go­ry of syn­chro­ni­ci­ty. But whe­ther they are syn­chro­nis­tic or not is basi­cal­ly not impor­tant. What I would like to high­light is what hap­pens backs­tage, in the infor­ma­tion field. In fact, the cir­cum­stances of our mee­ting are a reflec­tion of what I have expe­rien­ced many times in contact with her. I’m tal­king about the way the infor­ma­tion flows in the field, and the link bet­ween its state of pre­sence and the appea­rance of syn­chro­ni­ci­ties before or after our appointments.


The body never lies


When we met, if in the pre­vious three days I didn’t feel in a dif­ferent emo­tio­nal state than I was usual – whe­ther it was from a dream, syn­chro­ni­ci­ty, see­min­gly unfoun­ded fear, etc. – I knew the mee­ting would be post­po­ned. This was true in all cases. I attri­bute my change of sta­tus to the receipt of information to which she has access, which is neces­sa­ry for our mutual pre­pa­ra­tion and which it trans­mits to me via the infor­ma­tion field.

This is in line with the body’s res­ponse high­ligh­ted by the Heartmath Institute (see the article on Quantum Biology), which cor­ro­bo­rates one of the first tea­chings Madeleine gave me : « the body never lies ». Today, the gap is not so mar­ked any­more. Or let’s just say I don’t feel that way any­more. Probably because I live more in a state of pre­sence, being less depen­dant of my emotions.

I would also like to point out that the enco­ding and deco­ding of infor­ma­tion is done for her conscien­tious­ly. It’s sim­ply her way of wor­king, in har­mo­ny with the way things work in the connec­ted uni­verse. All infor­ma­tion passes through the uni­ver­sal connec­tion field, the quan­tum vacuum. Either we are recep­tive to it direct­ly or we pick up this infor­ma­tion at a time when our mind is idle, when we are slee­ping for example. That’s how I expe­rien­ced it one night…



polaroid-betterave-rougeOne day, my daugh­ter Lena’s urine was stai­ned pink. She was fine by the way. I wasn’t over­ly concer­ned, but out of a sense of cau­tion, I pre­fer­red to call an emer­gen­cy doc­tor. Given Lena’s gene­ral state of health, which is quite nor­mal, the doc­tor advi­sed me to wait until the next mor­ning to see how the situa­tion evolves. I tex­ted Madeleine any­way to give her an update. Without any ans­wer from her – and so, consi­de­ring that there was no emer­gen­cy – I fell asleep sere­ne­ly… to wake up at 3am with the image of a red bee­troot appea­ring on a Polaroid in my mind. Another Polaroid qui­ck­ly appea­red, revea­ling the face of a col­league who once told me that if you eat too much bee­troot, you can pee red.

Curiously, the first thing that came to my mind was, « If it’s a bee­troot sto­ry, how come the emer­gen­cy doc­tor didn’t think of it ? ». I guess he just hadn’t thought about it… Anyway, as I replayed the film of the lunch and din­ner in my head, I remem­be­red that indeed Lena had eaten a lot of beets, as a star­ter and even as a des­sert. Then I went back to sleep peacefully.

When I saw Madeleine again, I asked her if she had « sent » me the beet pho­to. She confir­med : « oh yes, I didn’t have time to reply to your text mes­sage so I sent you the pic­ture direct­ly ». Which can be trans­la­ted as : « I sent you the infor­ma­tion via the quan­tum vacuum, your conscious­ness retrie­ved it during the night, and your brain trans­la­ted it into two pola­roids for you to see the connec­tion.”


Thief !

This last example will allow me to illus­trate both the enco­ding of infor­ma­tion in the uni­fied field and the syn­chro­ni­ci­ty. A few years ago, I lived in a little-used and horseshoe-shaped street. One win­ter eve­ning I was on my way home when I had the unplea­sant sen­sa­tion of being fol­lo­wed. When I got to the front of my gate, I stop­ped. I had my key in one hand, my hand­bag and a baguette in the other. I loo­ked behind me. It was rela­ti­ve­ly dark, and des­pite my per­sistent fee­ling, I didn’t see anyone. Suddenly, two young men came out of the small recess right next to the gate and one of them grab­bed my hand­bag. He ran off to my left while his side­kick disap­pea­red to my right.

communication-quantiqueIn a frac­tion of a second, I took inven­to­ry of eve­ry­thing in my bag : ID, cre­dit card, cash, lun­cheon vou­chers, phone, glasses… and I imme­dia­te­ly thought : « I can’t let him steal all this from me, it’s IMPOSSIBLE ». By a strange asso­cia­tion of ideas, my next thought was : « And any­way, today is Madeleine’s bir­th­day, he can’t steal my hand­bag ».




A split second later, I esti­ma­ted that the would-be rob­ber was smal­ler than me in size and age – 14 years old per­haps – both rea­sons as absurd as suf­fi­cient for me to try to catch him. Neither one nor two, I went after him. Ready to fight. I was deter­mi­ned to get my stuff back. The idea that he might be armed didn’t even occur to me. I sim­ply ran after him, in high heels, bran­di­shing my wand like a sword and screa­ming like I never thought I would : « MY BAG ! Give me back my bag ! ». Nothing mat­te­red more than this thought : « I DON’T WANT my bag sto­len.”

After seve­ral meters, the young boy stop­ped. Neat. Inexplicably. Right around the bend. To imme­dia­te­ly start again from where it came from, lea­ving me, this time, nai­led in place. In that moment, I knew he was slip­ping away from me. Despite all the anger I was still fee­ling, I had no other option but to sur­ren­der. « I can’t catch up with him, I give up, » I col­lap­sed inside.

Then… at that very moment… like an angel coming out of the dark­ness… a big, strong black man came out of now­here and said, « Don’t move, I’ll be right back ». He imme­dia­te­ly went after the thief.

In front of my abso­lu­te­ly ama­zed look, the young woman who was with him, who stayed close to me, thought it good to say : « We saw that they were fol­lo­wing you ». Then I rea­li­zed that I had just thrown the thug into a trap I didn’t even know exis­ted… What syn­chro­ni­ci­ty… Frankly, I almost felt like loo­king for the came­ra ! However, the ban­dit had obvious­ly snif­fed out the ambush and pre­fer­red to flip-flop.


Synchronicity and quantum communication

After a wait that see­med to last for hours, my bene­fac­tor retur­ned with my bag and all its contents. He refu­sed any reward other than my warm thanks – which, on the occa­sion of this article, will the­re­fore be made public. With her friend, they just disap­pea­red as sud­den­ly as they arrived.

Once I got home, when I felt pret­ty much reco­ve­red from my emo­tions, a sequence that I hadn’t real­ly paid atten­tion to at the time sud­den­ly came back to me. During my pre­vious appoint­ment with Madeleine, as we were saying good­bye, she sud­den­ly loo­ked at my hand­bag insis­tent­ly, as if she was picking up infor­ma­tion. Then, loo­king like nothing, she put her hand on it – as if to send more infor­ma­tion. Considering that eve­ry­thing in the uni­verse is entan­gled, this infor­ma­tion would have rea­ched all concer­ned at the same time. And kno­wing Madeleine, with the inten­tion that eve­ry­thing should be resol­ved as best it can !

Although I could not explain things in those terms at the time, it was very clear to me that events had tur­ned in my favour thanks to her pre­ven­tive inter­ven­tion and the valiant and ener­ge­tic deter­mi­na­tion I had shown. Another ele­ment is per­haps also to be taken into account in the appea­rance of this syn­chro­ni­ci­ty. It so hap­pe­ned that eve­ning that I was par­ti­cu­lar­ly tired and – some­thing that hap­pens to me very rare­ly – I had dozed off on the train before going home : had I then reco­ve­red any use­ful infor­ma­tion for the good end of the sto­ry at that time ?


Synchronicity and free will


These three examples high­light the exis­tence of the uni­ver­sal field in which the infor­ma­tion is enco­ded. While the exis­tence of this field may go unno­ti­ced in the ordi­na­ry of our dai­ly lives, it is revea­led when syn­chro­ni­ci­ty occurs. Because syn­chro­ni­ci­ty reveals by reso­nance infor­ma­tion from this field, and infor­ma­tion that makes sense.

In the end, eve­ry­thing hap­pens as if it were mate­ria­li­zed, at pre­cise spatio-temporal coor­di­nates that are iden­ti­cal for all the people invol­ved, infor­ma­tion that is com­mon to them all. This infor­ma­tion would come into the conscious­ness of these people and would make sense to at least one of them. Unlike the others, it would then expe­rience the event asso­cia­ted with it as syn­chro­ni­ci­ty.

What is the place of free will in this pro­cess, if any ? This ques­tio­ning has taken on a par­ti­cu­lar dimen­sion for me in view of the expan­sion of conscious­ness that I have expe­rien­ced. Moreover, it is pre­ci­se­ly my pas­sage in the pre­sence that led me to ques­tion dif­fe­rent­ly the exis­tence of free will (see the article : Does free will exist ?).

But before loo­king into this ques­tion, you might want to check out the last epi­sode of this series. It deals with the condi­tions of mani­fes­ta­tion of quan­tum com­mu­ni­ca­tion, such as entan­gle­ment, in a much broa­der fra­me­work than that of my own expe­rience : the universe !




Notes and references

[1] HENRY Marc, (January-February 2011), Interview of Marc Henry, In : Nexus n°72, p.59, free trans­la­tion
Marc Henry is an engi­neer, asso­ciate resear­cher at the CNRS, direc­tor of the solid-state mole­cu­lar che­mis­try labo­ra­to­ry and pro­fes­sor of inor­ga­nic che­mis­try at the University of Strasbourg (France).


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