Quantum consciousness


The uni­fied field theo­ry is based on a deep unders­tan­ding of what conscious­ness is. Consciousness expresses itself at all scales of the uni­verse, from quan­tum to mat­ter level, and, in return, from mat­ter to quan­tum level.

Nassim Haramein teaches us that explo­ring uni­verse, mat­ter, vacuum, move­ment, time or stil­l­ness is like explo­ring conscious­ness. All these things are just dif­ferent aspectsobserver of the same and unique subject/object that exists at all scales : conscious­ness. Just dif­ferent pers­pec­tives, lea­ding to dif­ferent obser­va­tions and inter­pre­ta­tions. For as soon as the conscious­ness of the obser­ver changes, he no lon­ger observes his envi­ron­ment in the same way, which in return influences the conscious­ness with which he perceives.

This is why the vision of some scien­tists, based on iso­la­ted sys­tems and sepa­ra­tion, is pro­ven by their obser­va­tions. Just as Nassim Haramein’s vision, based on the inter­de­pen­dence and connec­tion bet­ween things… is also pro­ven by his observations !

Except that Nassim Haramein suc­ceeds to recon­cile quan­tum and rela­ti­vis­tic phy­sics, to explain the source of gra­vi­ty, to show how it applies at the quan­tum level, to prove that dark ener­gy and dark mat­ter do not exist, and final­ly to demons­trate that eve­ry­thing is One.

But let’s get back to consciousness…


What is quantum consciousness ?

Quantum conscious­ness means first and fore­most : being aware of the quan­tum world. Then : being aware of the influence of the quan­tum world on the mat­ter world and vice ver­sa.


« The state of conscious­ness retroacts on the concep­tions of conscious­ness ; and the concep­tions of conscious­ness retroacts in return on the abi­li­ty to modu­late one’s own state of conscious­ness (…). » [1]


Quantum conscious­ness is expres­sed at all scales of the uni­verse and mani­fests itself under dif­ferent aspects : mat­ter, time, move­ment… Conceiving the inter­de­pen­dence of these aspects as well as their dyna­mics is to enter into quan­tum conscious­ness. Demonstration with 3 examples.


Matter or vacuum ? Both of them !

matter-and-quantum-vacuumFrom our pers­pec­tive, mat­ter is solid. But from Planck field, mat­ter is just an exten­sion of space and it is 99.99999…% emp­ty. When we observe mat­ter, we are not aware of all the dyna­mics at work. We only see what radiates from the vacuum. We don’t rea­lize that eve­ry­thing that radiates contracts back into the vacuum. And that eve­ry­thing that contracts radiates again, with some tiny changes due to the influence of all the infor­ma­tion sha­red at the quan­tum level.

Matter comes from the vacuum. In fact, mat­ter is just ener­gy conden­sed into form and then relea­sed, at the speed of light, as the uni­verse mani­fests itself, returns to the vacuum, mani­fests itself again and so on (see the sec­tion on vacuum dyna­mics). Basically, nothing is solid. Everything is quan­tum conscious­ness.


Time and simultaneity

From our pers­pec­tive, time exists. Yet the phy­si­cist John Wheeler said :


« Time is only a construc­tion of the uni­verse to prevent eve­ry­thing from hap­pe­ning at once. » [2]


At least this construc­tion saves us from having such a per­cep­tion. On the contra­ry, it allows us to expe­rience events in a linear way. However, if events appear to take place local­ly and inde­pen­dent­ly of each other, it is just an illu­sion : each piece of infor­ma­tion appears at pre­cise spatio-temporal coor­di­nates and is simul­ta­neous­ly avai­lable eve­ryw­here in the uni­verse in holo­gra­phic form (see the article What is space-time ?).

Thus, our ordi­na­ry per­cep­tions see linea­ri­ty and sepa­ra­tion whe­reas all is only in reso­nance in the present moment. As if it’s our pers­pec­tive on the holo­gram of rea­li­ty that is constant­ly chan­ging, let­ting move­ment and time appear. In other words, rea­li­ty alter­nates bet­ween appea­rance and disap­pea­rance, but each new appea­rance would ulti­ma­te­ly be only the conse­quence of a change in pers­pec­tive of quan­tum conscious­ness.


Movement and immobility


Our level of conscious­ness deter­mines our per­cep­tion of time : pure conscious­ness is self-aware in immo­bi­li­ty, the eter­nal present, while the men­tal is inse­pa­rable from time. That is why, from our pers­pec­tive, immo­bi­li­ty does not exist. In fact, immo­bi­li­ty resides in our cen­ter, from which we observe the uni­verse. In the image of the eye of the cyclone, which is an immo­bile point, « all the spins in the uni­verse can­cel each other out at each point, giving way to immo­bi­li­ty » [3], says Nassim Haramein.

To be at the point of immo­bi­li­ty, is to not per­ceive time because time needs move­ment to exist. So pure conscious­ness is stil­l­ness, but the expe­rience of conscious­ness is movement.


Think quantum consciousness !

Unique beings…

hologram-and-realityConsciousness expresses itself in all things accor­ding to the same dyna­mics. Thus, the uni­verse as a whole – and each human being in par­ti­cu­lar – is immer­sed in a pro­cess of feed­back of infor­ma­tion by which it becomes increa­sin­gly conscious. The fun­da­men­tal level of who we are radiates and col­lapses per­pe­tual­ly upon itself, in an infi­nite feed­back loop that changes the holo­gra­phic world around us and, conse­quent­ly, our expe­rience of consciousness.


… and multiple beings

When gra­vi­ty brings infor­ma­tion from mat­ter to the quan­tum vacuum sin­gu­la­ri­ty (see the article Quantum Gravity and Schwarzschild Proton), it is sha­red with infor­ma­tion about the expe­rience that all other indi­vi­dual conscious­ness have had at the level of mat­ter. Then each conscious­ness becomes, through the vacuum, connec­ted to all the infor­ma­tion of the other conscious­ness, that is to say, to the uni­ver­sal conscious­ness. The elec­tro­ma­gne­tic force rede­ploys this upda­ted infor­ma­tion from the vacuum to each indi­vi­dual consciousness.


« You are part of this flow of infor­ma­tion which goes from the infi­ni­te­ly large to the infi­ni­te­ly small, and as it passes through you, it records your spe­ci­fic inter­pre­ta­tion being re-informs the infi­ni­ty. So your par­ti­ci­pa­tion influences the entire flow or vacuum field. Do you start to get a sense of your res­pon­si­bi­li­ty ? » [4]


As eve­ryone observes the uni­verse from his own point of refe­rence, from his own pers­pec­tive, each one sends dif­ferent infor­ma­tion to the vacuum, which in return sends slight­ly dif­ferent infor­ma­tion back to each one, making each indi­vi­dual a spe­ci­fic being, living dif­ferent expe­riences even though they are connec­ted to the expe­riences of others.


Reality, other people and me


We can the­re­fore see how our col­lec­tive rea­li­ty is crea­ted. While each of us observes the uni­verse from a dif­ferent cen­ter, the fact that we are all connec­ted, to the same cen­ter of gra­vi­ty – Earth – esta­blishes the consen­sus of rea­li­ty we observe and experience.

More spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, a holar­chy of consen­sus of indi­vi­dual and col­lec­tive realities.

Reality is constant­ly chan­ging due to our own indi­vi­dual changes. And as mat­ter, it repre­sents only a tiny frac­tion – 10-39% – of the ener­gy pre­sents in the vacuum. Therefore, our capa­ci­ty for change at the indi­vi­dual level is poten­tial­ly huge. Just as on a col­lec­tive scale, whose rea­li­ty is constant­ly being crea­ted from our own dai­ly indi­vi­dual changes.


« You create your rea­li­ty, and rea­li­ty is crea­ting you. » [5]


If we want to live ano­ther rea­li­ty on this pla­net, we must col­lec­ti­ve­ly adopt a new consen­sus of rea­li­ty, which requires a change in indi­vi­dual conscious­ness. As this change has an influence on all other conscious­nesses : when we release or heal some­thing within us, we ins­tant­ly offer this hea­ling poten­tial to others. But it still has to reach their field of conscious­ness, and they have to be able to choose it.



Key points


  • Matter is ener­gy conden­sed into form, then relea­sed, at the speed of light, as the uni­verse mani­fests itself, returns to the vacuum, mani­fests itself again etc.

  • Each indi­vi­dual is a spe­ci­fic being, living dif­ferent expe­riences although they are connec­ted to the expe­riences of others through quan­tum vacuum.
  • There is no linea­ri­ty or sepa­ra­tion, eve­ry­thing is only reso­nance in the present moment.

  • If we want to live ano­ther rea­li­ty on this pla­net, we must col­lec­ti­ve­ly adopt a new consen­sus of rea­li­ty, which requires a change in indi­vi­dual consciousness.




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