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Consciousness and universe

How would we live our lives if we had a deep rea­li­za­tion that eve­ry­thing in the uni­verse is inter­con­nec­ted ?  What would hap­pen if, within our human limits, we felt connec­ted to infi­ni­ty ?

Reaching such a state of conscious­ness neces­sa­ri­ly requires expe­rience. But it can also be sup­por­ted and fed by science. This is why I present on this blog the uni­fied field theo­ry deve­lo­ped by the phy­si­cist Nassim Haramein. It puts conscious­ness back at the heart of science… and that changes eve­ry­thing, from the infi­ni­te­ly small to the infi­ni­te­ly large !

It also offers ano­ther look at quan­tum theo­ry based on the inter­de­pen­dence of phe­no­me­na, on the connec­tion that exists bet­ween all things in the uni­verse. While explai­ning how com­plexi­ty grows throu­ghout the universe.

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