From vacuum to matter (infographics)


How does the theo­ry of the connec­ted uni­verse explain mat­ter and move­ment ? What is the role of quan­tum vacuum ? What about conscious­ness ? The two info­gra­phics on this page take up the key points of the theo­ry deve­lo­ped by Nassim Haramein.


1. What is matter ?

Matter repre­sents 0.00001% of what exists. Vacuum 99.99999…%.
Matter is an exten­sion of space, i.e. an exten­sion of the planck field, or an exten­sion of  quan­tum vacuum.


2. What is movement ?

On the scale of mat­ter, eve­ry­thing appears to be sepa­rate. Information from quan­tum vacuum inter­acts with infor­ma­tion from mat­ter and it is modi­fied by them. It informs in return  quan­tum vacuum of these modifications.

Quantum vacuum contains all the infor­ma­tion that all the mat­ter in the uni­verse constant­ly sends to it. All these infor­ma­tions are connec­ted. We’re tal­king about a uni­fied infor­ma­tion field.

Informations coming from mat­ter arrive in quan­tum vacuum and is modi­fied by all the other infor­ma­tions there. Once rene­wed, they inform mat­ter in return, etc.

That’s how what we do influences eve­ry­thing else in the universe.

See also on this sub­ject the article about move­ment and per­cep­tion.


3. The dynamics of learning

The uni­verse, like the human being, learns about itself through feed­back bet­ween mat­ter and quan­tum vacuum.

(On the sub­ject of lear­ning, you can also read the article How do we learn ?).


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4. How does the theory of the connected universe explain matter, movement and learning ?

The vacuum geometry

The geo­me­tri­cal com­bi­na­tion of the star tetra­he­dron and the cuboc­ta­he­dron forms the vacuum struc­ture, consis­ting of 64 tetra­he­drons, of which 144 faces are visible.

The vacuum geo­me­try is pola­ri­zed, it has a double torus struc­ture. It is ins­cri­bed in a sphere, the most repre­sen­ted form in nature.


Feedback of information

The double torus allows a feed­back of infor­ma­tion. It is trans­mit­ted from mat­ter to vacuum under the effect of gra­vi­ty, and from vacuum to mat­ter by elec­tro­ma­gne­tic radia­tions.



Space-time is repre­sen­ted by flo­wers of life at dif­ferent scales. At the quan­tum level, space-time is a cos­mic sea of ener­gy, for­med by tiny black holes that com­mu­ni­cate with each other through pas­sages cal­led wormholes.

Information is dis­tri­bu­ted to all scales via black holes and worm­holes. It encodes itself on the struc­ture of space down to the level of mat­ter (then we speak of space-memory).


The holographic principle

All the infor­ma­tion contai­ned inside a black hole is sto­red in holo­gra­phic form on its event hori­zon (See the article The holo­gra­phic uni­verse : the under­lying unit).

The connec­ted uni­verse theo­ry shows that black holes are present eve­ryw­here in the uni­verse, from the infi­ni­te­ly small to the infi­ni­te­ly large. They are dis­tri­bu­ted accor­ding to a frac­tal law, they absorb and dis­se­mi­nate infor­ma­tion, thus explai­ning the orga­ni­za­tion and cohe­rence of the universe.

Black holes allow infor­ma­tion to flow at all scales thanks to their double torus struc­ture, which gene­rates contrac­tion and expan­sion movements.



The holo­gra­phic solu­tion des­cribes gra­vi­ty geo­me­tri­cal­ly (without cur­va­ture of space-time).

Gravity is a rela­tion­ship bet­ween the infor­ma­tion contai­ned within a given volume and the infor­ma­tion out­side, on its surface.


5. What are the links with biology ?

Each cell knows when, how and why to divide. Each cell also knows what all the other cells are doing. All these infor­ma­tions are coor­di­na­ted. Why ? Because each cell — through DNA — has access to infor­ma­tion present in the struc­ture of space. Thus, the uni­fied field is the great conduc­tor behind this immense com­plexi­ty.


6. What is consciousness ? What is presence ?

Consciousness expresses itself through all things, by means of the uni­fied field of infor­ma­tion. Reality is obser­ved from an infi­nite num­ber of pers­pec­tives, as so many rea­li­ties that all contri­bute to the evo­lu­tion of the Whole.

There is a point of abso­lute stil­l­ness in the cen­ter of each point. It is the abso­lute 0, which is the inter­ac­tion, the inter­fe­rence of all ener­gy move­ments at each moment (Planck/s) in each point. To get to that point is to be inside pre­sence.


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