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On this page, I offer you a more per­so­nal vision of the connec­ted uni­verse theo­ry (uni­fied field theo­ry). This point of view gives pride of place to the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. Like a great sto­ry of the uni­verse told in stages, with illus­tra­tions that high­light its main prin­ciples and dynamics.

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You will also find here docu­men­ta­ries, confe­rences and inter­views in which Nassim Haramein expresses his thoughts and theo­ry. An approach to the connec­ted uni­verse may be more affor­dable for some of you. I am confi­dent that the sym­pa­thy, the humor and the efforts of this scien­tist to make his work acces­sible can make anyone love phy­sics !

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Finally, I invite you to dis­co­ver my info­gra­phics. From the quan­tum vacuum to mat­ter, through conscious­ness, they present the key points of the uni­fied field theory.

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