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In the "Physics" family, I would like the quantum world and relativity... reunited !

This is why I am proposing articles that present quantum physics in a new light, that of the interdependence of phenomena. It may be interesting to read these articles first (these are Quantum physics and reality, Duality or complementarity ? and Indeterminism and entanglement) to facilitate the understanding of unified field theory.

This one, developed by Nassim Haramein, is based on the interdependence of everything that exists in the universe. This physicist shows in particular that the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field are part of one and the same dynamics, available to all scales.  Do you know what it means ? It means that gravity is present at the quantum level (but that it is hidden under the name of strong force ;))



From finite to infinity 2/2

From renor­ma­li­za­tion to frac­tals                      « Quantum field theo­ry, to date, [eli­mi­nates] through a pro­cess of renor­ma­li­za­tion, (…) an ener­gy den­si­ty that would be for­mal­ly infi­nite if

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From duality to unity 2/3

The holo­gra­phic uni­verse : the under­lying unit « You’re not a drop in the ocean, you’re the ocean in a drop. » [1]   « I think my life in phy­sics is

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Quantum physics and reality

In this article, I invite you to dive into the strange rea­li­ty of the infi­ni­te­ly small. I have cho­sen to present quan­tum theo­ry from the point of

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Duality or complementarity ?

In quan­tum phy­sics, wave-particle dua­li­ty means that all phy­si­cal objects seem to have a dual nature, both as waves and par­ticles. This is only obser­vable at

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Indeterminism and entanglement

Did you sur­vi­ved the Schrödinger’s cat expe­rience revi­si­ted ? Does the new inter­pre­ta­tion of the wave/particle dua­li­ty no lon­ger hold any secrets for you ? Then you

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