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It all starts with experience. The aim of this blog is to make available knowledge, mainly from the fields of philosophy and physics. But a knowledge that resonates with situations I may have experienced. In describing my experiences, I try to bring out as much as possible of the relationship between the two.

The filter of my testimony is ultimately just a gateway to other information. Its force is that it is the encounter between facts that actually happened in the physical universe and a theory (the unified field theory) that supports how they manifested themselves.

It seems to me that offering these concordant points of view can help to create or enhance the hope that there is something other than the seemingly senseless and incoherent world in which we live. I await your comments on the subject ;)


The gender principle

Hermetic prin­ciples 8/8 « There is a gen­der in all things ; eve­ry­thing has its Masculine and Feminine prin­ciples ; gen­der mani­fests itself on all planes. » [1] Here

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Chance or resonance ? 3/4

« Reality appears to us as blocks. But quan­tum rea­li­ty tells us that these blocks com­mu­ni­cate with each other through vacuum. » [1]                 If you missed

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From finite to infinity 1/2

Movement and per­cep­tion « Can a move­ment roo­ted in the uni­verse of real ever reach the truth ? » [1]                     An expe­rience bet­ween per­cep­tion and rea­li­ty So far

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