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I invite you to consider consciousness as a journey. A journey that is both personal and collective.

One of the highlights of my personal journey occurred one evening in December 2013, when I experienced a change in my state of consciousness following the rupture of an aneurysm.

I opened this blog to share this experience, as well as to bring my individual contribution to our collective journey.

More precisely, my aim is to explore the theme of consciousness from different angles, ranging from philosophy to unified field theory and quantum theory.  As my research progressed, it has become very clear to me that the change in my state of consciousness, the unlikely circumstances of this stroke and the fact that I have no after-effects are not irrational or magic... but physics and Love.  


Metaphysics and physics

Consciousness and ener­gy 1/3 If I were asked what the uni­verse is made of, I would spon­ta­neous­ly talk about conscious­ness and infor­ma­tion. Energy would not come very

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The gender principle

Hermetic prin­ciples 8/8 « There is a gen­der in all things ; eve­ry­thing has its Masculine and Feminine prin­ciples ; gen­der mani­fests itself on all planes. » [1] Here we

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The principle of mentalism

Hermetic prin­ciples and geo­me­try 2/8 « The Whole is Spirit ; the Universe is Mental. » [1] The prin­ciple of men­ta­lism was the first of the seven principles

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From Hermes to Nassim Haramein

Hermetic prin­ciples and geo­me­try 1/8    I dis­co­ve­red the her­me­tic prin­ciples a few years ago, during a course led by Madeleine. Three months before I found myself in

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The Butterfly Effect 5/5

MeToo, or the other but­ter­fly effect Last stop in the series on the but­ter­fly effect ! In this article, I’m going to explore the paral­lel between

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Chance or resonance ? 2/4

The first article in this series was about the his­to­ri­cal aspect of syn­chro­ni­ci­ty, a term coi­ned by Carl Jung. Here I pro­pose to explore ano­ther theme dear

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