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I have gathered under the heading "Connected Universe" all the papers presenting the unified field theory. Since its author, Nassim Haramein, is not only interested in physics – or let's rather say he includes physics in his other fields of research – this category also includes articles about consciousness and biology.

More generally, you will find here articles that offer a more personal interpretation of this theory. Either from the point of view of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine (see the article Sacred Connection). Or, more directly, from the perspective of my experience when appropriate.


The principle of cause and effect

Hermetic prin­ciples and geo­me­try 7/8 « Every Cause has its Effect ; eve­ry Effect has its Cause ; eve­ry­thing hap­pens in accor­dance with the Law ; chance is only

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The principle of rhythm

Hermetic prin­ciples and geo­me­try 6/8 « Everything flows, within and without ; eve­ry­thing has its dura­tion ; eve­ry­thing evolves and then dege­ne­rates ; The swing of the pen­du­lum is

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The principle of polarity

Hermetic prin­ciples and geo­me­try 5/8 « Everything is double ; eve­ry­thing has poles ; eve­ry­thing has two extremes simi­lar and dis­si­mi­lar which have the same mea­ning. » [1]  

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The principle of vibration

Hermetic prin­ciples and geo­me­try 4/8 « Nothing res­ts ; eve­ry­thing stirs ; eve­ry­thing vibrates. » [1]                        The third prin­ciple sta­ted by Hermes, the prin­ciple of vibra­tion should be

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From Hermes to Nassim Haramein

Hermetic prin­ciples and geo­me­try 1/8    I dis­co­ve­red the her­me­tic prin­ciples a few years ago, during a course led by Madeleine. Three months before I found myself in

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