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What place do you give to your brain ?

If the question may seem a little strange, imagine that it is your heart that asks it. What would you answer ?  

According to studies by the Heartmath Institute, the heart is the primary center for processing information in the body. In fact, it sends more information to the brain than it receives, but its power is often unknown !

Does that leave your brain marbled ? In this case, let’s look at things from the point of view of consciousness. There are more and more testimonies from people who have experienced altered states of consciousness. Maybe are you one of them ? Many scientists still yet seem to consider that it is the brain that produces consciousness. But it must be said that between  theory and experience... brain is often  there !

Still not convinced ?  Then you're in the right place to make up your own mind. Here are the articles dealing with these subjects, and many others, such as the place of thoughts and emotions. Or the process we go through when we learn new information, which may be the case for you... !



How do we learn ?

I don’t know what I don’t know. [1] This is the state of mind in which I car­ry out all the research that contri­butes to the writing

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Quantum Biology

Biology leads us straight to my expe­rience ! During the aneu­rysm rup­ture that shook me, my men­tal stop­ped (read My Story for more infor­ma­tion). This had

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Brain, science and consciousness

What are the links bet­ween brain and conscious­ness ? Does the brain pro­duce conscious­ness ? A ques­tio­ning that fol­lows the article Thoughts + Emotions = Mental. In this

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Thoughts + emotions = mental

What is the dif­fe­rence bet­ween emo­tions and fee­lings ? What is thought ? In this article, I pro­pose to dive into the heart of the dyna­mics of mental.

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