From finite to infinity 2/2

From renor­ma­li­za­tion to frac­tals                      « Quantum field theo­ry, to date, [eli­mi­nates] through a pro­cess of renor­ma­li­za­tion, (…) an ener­gy den­si­ty that would be for­mal­ly infi­nite if it were

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Personal expe­rience

From finite to infinity 1/2

Movement and per­cep­tion « Can a move­ment roo­ted in the uni­verse of real ever reach the truth ? » [1]                     An expe­rience bet­ween per­cep­tion and rea­li­ty So far so good… A

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Connected uni­verse

From duality to unity 2/3

The holo­gra­phic uni­verse : the under­lying unit « You’re not a drop in the ocean, you’re the ocean in a drop. » [1] « I think my life in phy­sics is divi­ded into three

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From duality to unity 1/3

Objectivity and sub­jec­ti­vi­ty : the uni­fied per­cep­tion « How can the « illu­sion » of an out­side world lead to an effec­tive science ? » [1]                If I stick to my expe­rience (see

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Connected uni­verse

Sacred Connection (Slideshow)

This article pro­poses a free adap­ta­tion of the uni­fied field theo­ry. From my point of view, we can consi­der this theo­ry from the angle of the Sacred Feminine

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