Indeterminism and entanglement 

Did you sur­vi­ved the Schrödinger’s cat expe­rience revi­si­ted ? Does the new inter­pre­ta­tion of the wave/particle dua­li­ty no lon­ger hold any secrets for you ? Then you are ready

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Connected uni­verse

Quantum consciousness 

The uni­fied field theo­ry is based on a deep unders­tan­ding of what conscious­ness is. Consciousness expresses itself at all scales of the uni­verse, from quan­tum to mat­ter level,

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Quantum Biology 

Biology leads us straight to my expe­rience ! During the aneu­rysm rup­ture that shook me, my men­tal stop­ped (read My Story for more infor­ma­tion). This had the effect

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Connected uni­verse

Who is Nassim Haramein ? 

Nassim Haramein has spent more than 30 years loo­king for and dis­co­ve­ring connec­tions in various fields. These range from phy­sics, anthro­po­lo­gy and ancient civi­li­za­tions to mathe­ma­tics, geo­me­try, cosmology,

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Connected uni­verse

What is space-time ? 

The pic­ture of this article gives you a lit­tle clue…  Have you reco­gni­zed it ? Yes, the flo­wer of life sym­bol ! But how does Nassim Haramein connect this ancient

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